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Simulator Update

Following a few comments on the previous simulator post, it doesn’t look like there are any more simulators out there for general use. If anyone does know – feel free to comment! _uacct = “UA-1104321-2”; urchinTracker(); Read More »

The Power Question

I’ve seen a lot of discussion (and I think a bit of a theme at SNW) on power consumption in datacentres. Obviously the subjects of global warming and increased energy prices have put the subject at the centre of focus. But I think when datacentres are being built, there isn’t an issue. The problem comes along as the datacentre fills ... Read More »

Storage as a commodity

I just read a comment over at Zerowait regarding Netapp and proprietary hardware. It reminded me of something I was thinking about recently on the commoditisation of storage. There’s nothing worse to my mind than a storage vendor who has no competition. Inevitably in some organisations that situation can exist when a single supplier is chosen to supply (for example) ... Read More »


Robin harris discusses AoE from Coraid. I looked at this last year (reminder) as I saw it as a great way to get a FC/iSCSI solution at a low cost. However, before everyone rips out their FC SANs and runs to put an Ethernet solution in place, take one step back and consider the issues. Fibre Channel is successful because ... Read More »

Where are all the simulators

I love the Netapp simulator (well, apart from the annoying issues with creating and deleting disks) and I use it all the time. It is great for testing ideas, testing scripting and generally refreshing knowledge on commands before having to touch real equipment. I use it with VMware (as I have probably mentioned before) and I can knock up a ... Read More »

Distributed Backup

Following on from a previous post on RAID and backup, I’ve been doing some more thinking on how to back up consumer data from a PC workstation. I reckon I’ve got about over 200GB of data on my server, which previously was on my main workstation. I dabbled with the Linksys NSLU2 however I hated it; I was really nervous ... Read More »