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3Par Acquisition: The Future For The Storage Industry

The ongoing battle for 3Par by HP & Dell tells us much more about the state of the IT Industry than just the desires of two companies to acquire some interesting storage tech.  It signals an acceptance that storage is a key feature in the future direction of the IT industry – more important than networking and almost as important ... Read More »

HP Challenges Dell for 3Par

So there we have it.  A week after Dell announce their intention to acquire 3Par, HP put their cards on the table and trump the Dell bid with an updated offer of $24 a share.  This represents a 1/3 increase over the Dell $18/share offer. HP have been pretty acquisitive in the storage arena over the last few years, acquiring ... Read More »

Dell to Acquire 3Par

There’s nothing like a bit of surprise (ish) tech news to generate an off the cuff quick post; here’s today’s tidbit.  Dell are to acquire 3Par. Clearly the Farley Curse has struck again and for a mere $1.15 billion Dell plugs another gap in their storage portfolio. Let’s face it, Equallogic was good, but not high end enough.  3Par technology ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Dell Acquire Perot Systems

After a lot of second guessing by people, Dell have finally made that purchase and announced today they intend to acquire Perot Systems, which will become the services arm for the company. There’s no doubt that Dell needed to do something to match the technology and services play offered by IBM and HP/EDS.  I suspect many people thought the acquisition ... Read More »

Off The Grid

I’ve been on holiday for the last week (sunning myself and the family in Cyprus). I had no Internet access – not even TV! Although I had no laptop (or Blackberry this time) I did take my iPod Touch, now configured with the mobile version of NewsGator. As I’ve mentioned previously, I have a 100+ RSS feeds (which I’ll publish ... Read More »

Equallogic gets Bought

Dell have announced their intention to purchase Equallogic, an iSCSI hardware vendor. The purchase price is $1.4 billion in cash but the deal doesn’t complete for some time, late 2008 or 2009. Is this an attempt for Dell to move on their storage business? I’ve never taken them seriously on the storage front, especially as they sell EMC equipment at ... Read More »