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Enterprise Computing: DMX-4 Is Dead – Long Live DMX-5!

  Chris Mellor posted a great article recently, speculating on the future of certain storage products.  He hinted at a new high end array from EMC, presumably an extension to the DMX range – tentatively titled DMX-5.   We’re about due for a new hardware release.  Looking back, the schedule has been: DMX-4 – 16th July 2007 DMX-3 – 25th July ... Read More »

DMX Configuration Options

I’ve been looking at DMX configuration options this week. Essentially the question is how best to lay out a DMX-3 or DMX-4 array with a tiered configuration. For me there are two options and it’s pretty clear which I prefer. First a little background. The following diagram shows the way DMX drives are deployed within a fully configured array. The ... Read More »

EMC Stretches DMX Both Ways

EMC made two DMX-4 announcements today. At the top end, the first details solid state drives which replace standard spinning HDDs. At the bottom end the second announces new 1TB SATA-II drives (and other miscellaneous stuff). The solid state hard drive (or as Chuck Hollis describes it, the enterprise flash drive), isn’t just a small 1-2GB device; this is a ... Read More »


So the rumours (here and here) are true. Here’s the announcement to prove it. HDS are going to support 750GB SATA II drives in the USP. This is an interesting position HDS are taking as thin provisioning will be able to take use of the enhanced drive capacity making the USP-V even more efficient than the DMX-4 with SATA drives. ... Read More »

SATA in Enterprise Arrays

In a previous post on DMX-4 I discussed the use of SATA drives in enterprise arrays. A comment from our Storage Anarchist challenged my view of the resilience of SATA drives compared to FC. Now unless I’ve been sleeping under a rock, the storage industry has over the last 5 years pummelled us with the warning that SATA are not ... Read More »

EMC Power – link?

Thanks to Barry/Mark for their posts/comments on power usage. Call me stupid (and people do) but I can’t find the EMC Power Calculator for download on Powerlink as ‘zilla suggests (although I did find a single reference to it). Can you post the link guys? Is it EMC internal only? If so, any chance on sharing it with us? If ... Read More »