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DMX-4 Green or not?

After the recent EMC announcements on DMX-4, I promised I would look at the question of whether the new DMX-4 is really as green as it claims to be. I did some research and the results are quite interesting. Firstly we need to set the boundaries. One of the hardest part of comparing hardware from different manufacturers is that they ... Read More »


I’ve had a quick look over the specifications of the new DMX-4 compared to the DMX-3. There aren’t really a lot of changes. The backend director connectivity has been upped to 4Gb/s and presumably that’s where the 30% throughput improvement comes from (with some Enginuity code changes too I guess). There are a number of references to energy efficiency, however ... Read More »

Bring it on!!

I’m glad to see EMC have upped the ante with their series of announcements today. I’ve not had time to digest them all but I did read Storagezilla’s refreshing post summarising a lot of the announcements. Once I’ve read things in a bit more detail then I’ll comment however, I like the fact EMC have moved the DMX on in ... Read More »