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Choosing Between Monolithic and Modular Architectures – Part I

The recent proposed acquisition of 3Par by Dell and/or HP has made me think a little more about the direction the storage industry is taking in terms of their storage array design architecture.  Since storage arrays became a category of devices in their own right, we’ve seen the growth of the monolithic, sometimes called Enterprise storage array.  Hu Yoshida discusses ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Netapp The $4Billion Product

I had a conversation last week with a PR company doing research for Netapp.  This followed just after Netapp released their Q4 results, with revenue exceeding expectations at just over $1 billion.  It’s amazing how in the space of less than 20 years they have developed from nothing to a company selling a single $4 billon product. Lots of people ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Is There Any Point Buying From EMC?

Yesterday, EMC announced Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST), their much hyped and much anticipated storage feature enabling the automated moving of data between tiers of storage on a policy basis.  However the most notable missing feature in the EMC announcement was the lack of support for legacy DMX-3 and DMX-4 platforms.  This to me sends a message loud and clear ... Read More »

EMC World 2009: Day 1 – Is DMX The Last Monolithic Array?

As I  sit here at the start of EMC World Day 1, I’m pondering over some of the conversations of last night.  The direction EMC are taking with V-Max, the Atmos product and Clariion makes me wonder if DMX could be classed as the last of the (EMC) monolithic storage arrays. So, here’s the thinking.  DMX arrays started to use ... Read More »


In case you don’t always go back and look at comments (and let’s face it, it’s not easy to track them), then have a look at Tony’s comment from my post yesterday. It’s good to see a bit of banter going on and that’s what HDS could do with. HDS have hardly developed a good blogging prowess, it’s more a ... Read More »


According to Wikipedia, lightning can travel at a speed of 100,000 MPH, however I think storage vendors are even faster than lightning when it comes to highlighting or dissing the competition. Mere microseconds after reading Claus Mikkelsen’s blog on the USP-V SPC figures, there are posts from BarryW and BarryB, doing the highlighting and dissing respectively (I almost wrote respectfully ... Read More »