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Personal Computing: Can Drobo Dashboard Manage Multiple Drobos?

This is a problem that’s been on my mind for some time; can the Drobo Dashboard see more than one device at the same time?  Well, it turns out the answer is yes. At first my thought was that it wasn’t possible for the Drobo Dashboard to manage more than one device.  Currently I have a Drobo connected into a ... Read More »

Review: DroboPro – Part II

This is the second in a series of posts looking at the DroboPro from Data Robotics Inc.  Previous post(s): Review: DroboPro – Part I Previously I discussed a few frustrations with connecting my new DroboPro to ESXi, the target environment for my new device.  I’ve now managed to get the ‘Pro connected and visible within ESXi.  See the attached screenshot image ... Read More »

Personal Computing: Drobo Replacement

Following on from my Personal Computing: Drobo Wierdness, I have received a replacement unit from Data Robotics.  I thought for a change I’d produce a video and so here is my attempt to swap out my drives into the new unit.  In the end I formatted the existing drives as four new NAS shares.  So the unit is back and working. ... Read More »

Personal Computing: Drobo Weirdness

Hmm, I’ve found a small bug with my Drobo which is making me slightly nervous.  Have a look at the first graphic.  I’ve exceeded a single 2TB logical drive in terms of capacity (as I now have two 2TB and two 1TB physical drives installed).  In this instance the Drobo has created me a second logical drive, which I believe I’ve relabelled as ... Read More »

Personal Computing: Drobo Jitters

As regular readers will know, I’ve had a Drobo storage system for some time now.  I’ve not had a bad word to say about the product – it just works and does what I expect it to do.  However, there’s one function I think could do with some improvement and it’s the one thing that scares me most – removing ... Read More »

Personal Computing: DroboPro – Drobo Grows Up

There’s a new Drobo out!   The Drobo range has been expanded with the release of the DroboPro, an 8-drive big brother to the Drobo “classic”.  The new model is being touted as a “business class storage array” and looks very interesting for the basic price tag of $1299 without drives. Specifications So, the DroboPro has capacity for up to ... Read More »