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Job Losses: EMC Joins The Club

EMC have finally announced that they will be following the industry trend and cutting staff. Approximately 7% (2400) of the workforce will go. The cuts are widely reported (here for instance) and at their earliest were forecast by Stephen Foskett in his December post. Have a look at this list of tech layoffs. Those storage related are Seagate, Dell, EMC, ... Read More »

Storage Predictions for 2009

It’s the end of another year and of course time to the obligatory posts on predictions in the industry for the next 12 months. True to form, I’ve spent some time thinking and here are my top 5 ruminations for the coming year. EMC join SPC. EMC will finally have the epiphany we’ve all been dreaming of and embrace the ... Read More »


In case you don’t always go back and look at comments (and let’s face it, it’s not easy to track them), then have a look at Tony’s comment from my post yesterday. It’s good to see a bit of banter going on and that’s what HDS could do with. HDS have hardly developed a good blogging prowess, it’s more a ... Read More »

Decho – EMC Takes Over The World

Chris Mellor just announced the news that EMC have bundled their Pi and Mozy acquisitions into a single entity, branded as Decho. I was far too slow and Storagezilla beat me to the mandatory EMC post. So, with Mozy and Pi we now have our data and backups online in the EMC cloud – which conveniently arrived last week as ... Read More »


“Innovative – featuring new methods or original ideas – creative in thinking” – Oxford English Dictionary of English, 11th edition. There have been some interesting comments over the weekend, specifically from EMC in regard to this post which I wrote on Benchmarketing started by Barry Burke and followed by Barry Whyte. “Mark” from EMC points me to this link regarding ... Read More »

Get the Balance Right

It’s not very often I side with one vendor or another however after BarryB’s recent post regarding “Benchmarketing” I feel obliged to comment. Have a read of Barry Whyte’s rebuttal too. We see technology advancements because “concept” devices are used to drive innovation but don’t necessarily translate directly to end-user products. Look at the fashion industry – some of the ... Read More »