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Fusion-IO Shares Tumble as New Entrants Prepare to Enter The Market

It’s never a good day at the office when your shares drop by 20% in a single day.  However the relentless drive to produce better results quarter-on-quarter is what the US stock markets demand of publicly listed companies such as Fusion-IO.  Poor results this week saw their shares punished by a drop from just over $30 to below $25 today. ... Read More »

Drive Prices Increase – Who Will Suffer Most?

Storagezilla calls out hard disk availability in his recent post.  In fact, I discussed the subject of drive prices last week with James Carter of Touchdown PR on my way to SNW Europe.  James highlighted he was seeing prices on standard drives having doubled recently. I went back and looked at my last drive purchases – two Western Digital 2TB ... Read More »

EMC Releases All Flash VNX

As the vendor who introduced flash drives into traditional arrays some 2+ years ago, we shouldn’t be surprised that EMC has released an all-flash version of its mid-range array, the VNX.  The new device, codenamed VNX5500-F can support up to 250 200GB drives for a maximum all-flash capacity of 50TB.  EMC don’t say, but assuming the drives are something like ... Read More »

VAAI Follow Up – VMware Recommend Disabling Thin Reclaim

Last week VMware issued this advisory on their knowledge base, recommending the disabling of VAAI Thin Provisioning reclaim in ESXi 5.0.  Apparently it seems to be causing “poor performance’ during certain vSphere actions like Storage vMotion.  The “cause” section contains the somewhat vague comment as follows: VAAI Thin Provisioning is enabled by default on devices that adheres to T10 standards. ... Read More »

Data Robotics Releases Business-class Arrays

Today Data Robotics (Drobo) are announcing a new range of storage devices specifically targeted at business customers.  However this is a market that already has many players; what are they offering and how will they fare in this already competitive market? New Devices First of all, let’s take a look at the new storage devices.  Nomenclature has been changed over ... Read More »

EMC Releases VNX and “Breaks Records”

If you received a broken record through the post (I didn’t) or have been following the twitterverse then you’ll know EMC had a big new release planned for today (18th January in US, 19th in UK/EMEA).  In a nutshell the announcements comprised the following: Unified NAS & modular SAN platform -VNX A “baby” VNX, the VNXe Upgrades on performance & ... Read More »