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Will Ireland’s Woes Reflect on the Storage Industry?

Despite protestations to the contrary, it seems that Ireland has finally accepted EU bailout money to the tune of some £77 billion.  This final humiliation sees the end of the economy dubbed “The Celtic Tiger” which was characterised by the establishment of many large IT organisations’ European offices in the country.  This includes Dell, EMC, Microsoft and Intel.  I’m sure ... Read More »

Bad Analogies and Avoiding Vendor Lock-in

I have to disagree with the premise of Chuck Hollis’ recent post on Kit Cars.  If you haven’t read the article (and I urge you to do so), it’s a blatant sell on the benefits of vBlock over “build it yourself” solutions that up until 12 months ago customers (and EMC) were quite happily deploying. Using the analogy of bespoke ... Read More »

EMC Delays New CLARiiON and Celerra? – UPDATED

According to this Barrons report, EMC are delayed in the release of their next generation of CLARiiON and Celerra hardware until around April next year.  I’m not aware of details of any new products, but I suspect that EMC is looking to harmonise these two product lines into a single piece of hardware and software, making the products more unified ... Read More »

HDS and HP Release New Enterprise Array

Today HDS and HP will announce the next generation enterprise storage array architecture from Hitachi (see details here and here).  Both companies OEM the  VSP (HDS name) or 9500 (HP name) and so the releases are co-ordinated to occur at the same time.  I am currently in Santa Clara for the Hitachi Information Forum, at which the VSP will be ... Read More »

Will EMC Leave Non-Vblock Customers Out In The Cold?

Last Friday I was a guest on the latest Infosmack podcast, with special guest Chad Sakac.  One of the topics was Ionix Unified Infrastructure Manager 2.0 (initially in beta).  You can read more details in the press release, however in a nutshell, UIM is all about providing unified orchestration for deployment of virtualisation in a Vblock architecture. I asked Chad ... Read More »

3Par Acquisition: The Future For The Storage Industry

The ongoing battle for 3Par by HP & Dell tells us much more about the state of the IT Industry than just the desires of two companies to acquire some interesting storage tech.  It signals an acceptance that storage is a key feature in the future direction of the IT industry – more important than networking and almost as important ... Read More »