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Intel Inside Storage Arrays?

During one of the Intel presentations at the Developer Forum last week the presenter made the statement that Intel processors are deployed in 70%-80%  of storage arrays shipped today.  Initially this may seem like a surprise but on closer inspection, it’s pretty obvious to see that it’s probably an accurate statement.  EMC converted to Xeon technology with VMAX and already ... Read More »

VAAI Posturing

With yet another HDS/VAAI post coming out from Scott Lowe (here), the irrelevant debate continues as to who is in and who is out of VMware’s inner circle of trusted storage vendors.  Previously my friend Stephen Foskett discussed HDS’s position regarding VMware integration in this post, which followed on from an original post by Chris Mellor (who I hope would ... Read More »

[Video] – Burning the ioSafe SoloPRO

A few months ago I received a test ioSafe SoloPro external disk drive.  This heavyweight unit is designed to withstand fire and water and so could be used as a home backup device for the worst kind of catastrophe.  For a few months I ran the device as a Time Machine backup for my main iMac.  It performs well enough ... Read More »

Hitachi Acquire BlueArc (At Last)

I don’t talk about company acquisitions too often but I can’t let the purchase of BlueArc by HDS pass me by without adding my opinion.  First of all, for those of you who don’t know, BlueArc sells NAS hardware which has been resold by HDS for some years under the HNAS brand.  The hardware comes stand-alone or can act as ... Read More »

HP Touchpad – The Price Wasn’t Right?

I have to admit I was quite shocked to read on holiday that HP had decided to kill off the Touchpad and webOS after what can only be 2 months since launch. In fact at HP Discover 2011 in June, the Touchpad was centre-stage in all presentations, forming a consistent presentation layer for accessing Enterprise content. Since being discontinued, HP ... Read More »

Chromebook – What are Google Thinking?

I’ve just been watching a discussion on the Google Chromebook on BBC Breakfast.  Surprisingly the presenters had some half decent questions to ask Rory Cellan-Jones as he showed them the latest attempt by Google to grab a further hold on the IT market.  But what makes Google think this device is in any way a practical replacement for a laptop ... Read More »