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VIDEO: HP Discover 2011 – P4800

Here’s another video from HP Discover 2011 last week.  In this one I talk to Kate Davis about the P4800.  I’ve been pretty much all in on commodity storage hardware these days and the P4800 is another example of this.  You’ll see in the video that the two blades run a clustered P4000 system, with storage provided via MDS600 drive ... Read More »

HDS Join the Converged Infrastructure Club

Yesterday HDS announced (via this press release) their entry into the converged infrastructure market.  The solution offerings go under the name Hitachi Unified Computing Platform and comprise reference architectures and orchestration software to bring the whole thing together.  While I think it is a good thing that HDS are starting to deliver unified solutions, I’m not sure the initial approach ... Read More »

HP Discover 2011 – Day 4 – The Road to Convergence

Day 4 of any conference is pretty much one of reflection and consolidation; 4 days of early starts and late nights (especially when tied with serious jet lag) start to take their toll.  However all the hard work is worth it when you have one of those “light bulb” moments and the signs of a strategy start coming together.  So ... Read More »

HP Discover 2011 – Day 2 – Storage Chat with Nigel Poulton

At HP Discover 2011, HP released a number of enhancements to their storage products.  I this podcast, I briefly discuss the announcements with Nigel Poulton.   Podcast Powered By Podbean Disclaimer:  As a blogger/attendee, HP paid for my flights, hotel and most meals.  I have not been compensated for my time and am not obliged to blog on the event.  ... Read More »

HP Discover 2011 – Day 2 – Walking The Floor

On day 2, Marc Farley, Nigel Poulton, Enrico Signoretti and myself took a stroll across the Discover Zone floor for a chat and look around.  As it turned out, we didn’t see much (well no) technology, but you can get the feel and buzz of the event from this post.  In addition Nigel was well and truly suckered by the ... Read More »

HP Discover 2011 – EVA – It’s Not Dead (Yet)

When HP acquired 3Par in 2010 it was easy to assume that the EVA (Enterprise Virtual Array) storage product line was dead.  After all, 3PAR offers all that EVA can do, and more.  However today at Discover 2011, HP announced improvements to the HP range (the fifth generation) to provide thin provisioning and dynamic LUN migration.  So what’s going on? ... Read More »