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Rise of The IT Generalist – A Bad Idea?

I was listening to a podcast today that was discussing a subject we’ve heard about many times recently and that’s the move from being IT specialists to generalists.  Hardware products like EMC’s VNX are making this transition easier for the storage community and no doubt many people think this is a good thing.  Whilst I believe we’ll see more of ... Read More »

Cloud: Security Experts Required!

So it appears from today’s announcement that the Sony Playstation Network was hacked after all. Some 70 million users are unable to game online and other services, such as LoveFilm are down.  Whilst it has had a positive effect on our household (Call of Duty remains unplayed as Son#1 deems it uninteresting unless playing against his friends) unfortunately it continues ... Read More »

Comparing iSCSI Targets – Microsoft, StarWind, iSCSI Cake and Kernsafe – Part I

This week, Microsoft released their iSCSI Target software for general availability.  Previously this had only been available for installations with Windows Storage Server via OEMs.  Now anyone with Windows 2008 R2 can install and use the software without restrictions.  However, there are already a number of other iSCSI target software offerings already on the market, most notably from StarWind, iSCSI ... Read More »

Hitachi Bloggers Day 2011 – Part II

During the recent HDS Bloggers’ Day we were lucky enough to have a presentation from Dave Merrill, who covered the subject of Storage Economics.  You can find more of Dave’s work on his blog; The Storage Economist. Within HDS Dave runs the Storage Economics practice; an area of the business focused on helping customers both understand their storage costs and ... Read More »

Using The Dynamic Memory Feature on Microsoft Hyper-V

Microsoft recently released service pack 1 (SP1) of Windows Server 2008 R2, which includes the Dynamic Memory option.  This new feature is meant to aid memory management across a Hyper-V host with multiple guests.  Previously the memory assigned to a guest was static and couldn’t be changed without a power off and reboot of that guest. I’ve upgraded The Storage ... Read More »