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EMC Releases All Flash VNX

As the vendor who introduced flash drives into traditional arrays some 2+ years ago, we shouldn’t be surprised that EMC has released an all-flash version of its mid-range array, the VNX.  The new device, codenamed VNX5500-F can support up to 250 200GB drives for a maximum all-flash capacity of 50TB.  EMC don’t say, but assuming the drives are something like ... Read More »

Who Will Be The First Solid State Array Vendor To Be Acquired?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two years, you can’t have failed to notice that solid state storage is here and is here in a big way.  Two weeks ago at TFD#8, we had presentations from two all-flash array startups, Pure Storage and SolidFire.  I’ll have more specifics on these companies over the coming weeks, however ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Violin Memory Inc Release New All-SSD Array

I’m not a fan of making press releases on behalf of other companies however once in a while, a news item catches my interest.  So it is with the announcement of the Violin Memory Inc. 3200 series of all-memory storage arrays.  Why are these interesting?  Because I think they are moving and potentially blurring the boundaries between spinning drives and ... Read More »

Compellent and SSDs

There’s been a lot of talk this week about Compellent and their support for solid state drives. See the press release here. So now we have two vendors offering SSD devices in their arrays, Compellent join the club with EMC. Which is best? At a meeting I had last week, we discussed SSD drives and EMC’s implementation in particular. The ... Read More »

DMX Configuration Options

I’ve been looking at DMX configuration options this week. Essentially the question is how best to lay out a DMX-3 or DMX-4 array with a tiered configuration. For me there are two options and it’s pretty clear which I prefer. First a little background. The following diagram shows the way DMX drives are deployed within a fully configured array. The ... Read More »