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100 Up

I’ve reached 100! No, not 100 years old, but my 100th post. I’ve surprised myself that I’ve managed to keep going this long. So a bit of humour – I’ll save the USP-V discussions until later – who remembers Storage Navigator for the 9900 series? Well, the left-hand toolbar has various icons on it. One of them I’ve reproduced here; ... Read More »

Mine’s bigger than yours – do we care?

Our resident storage anarchist has been vigorously defending DMX – here. It’s all in response to discussions with Hu regarding whether USP is better than DMX. Or, should I say DMX-3 and Broadway (whoops, I mentioned the unmentionable, you’ll have to shoot me now). I have to say I enjoyed the technical detail of the exchanges and I hope there ... Read More »

Tuning Manager CLI

I’ve been working with the HiCommand Tuning Manager CLI over the last few days in order to get more performance information on 9900 arrays. Tuning Manager (5.1 in my case) just doesn’t let me present data in a format I find useful, and I suppose that’s not really surprising as, unless you’re going to add a complete reporting engine into ... Read More »

What’s your favorite fruit? EMC versus HDS

Nigel has posted the age old question, which is best EMC or HDS? For those who watch Harry Hill – there’s only one way to sort it out – fiiiiight! But seriously, I have been working with both EMC and HDS for the last 6 years on large scale deployments and you can bet I have my opinion – Nigel, ... Read More »

Optimisation tools

Large disk arrays can suffer from an imbalance of data across their RAID/parity groups. This is inevitable even if you plan your LUN allocation as data profiles change over time and storage is allocated and de-allocated. So, tools are available. Think of EMC Optimizer, HDS Cruise Control and Volume Migrator. I’ve put a poll up on the blog to see ... Read More »

Hurrah for EMC

Hurrah! EMC has implemented SMI-S v1.2 in ControlCenter and DMX/Clariion (although the reference on the SNIA website seems to relate to SMI-S v1.1). Actually it seems that you need ECC v6.0 (not out yet and likely to be a mother of an upgrade from the current version) and I’d imagine the array support has been achieved using Solutions Enabler. So ... Read More »