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Enterprise Computing: Vendor Guarantees

My previous post regarding HDS and 3Par’s savings guarantees generated a few replies and rather than respond in comment, I’ve written an additional post in case I rant on too much. First thought: vendor guarantees need to be genuine; no hiding behind obtuse configurations that help to fluff the figures, or restrictions on the type of data suitable for reduction. ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: 3par and HDS – 50% Saving – Guaranteed?

In the past week, both 3Par and HDS have announced a 50% guarantee on reclaimed storage if customers move data from existing “fat” legacy arrays to 3Par storage or use HDS thin provisioning technologies.  The 3Par news release is here; the Hitachi news release is here. The 3Par guarantee is presented with a caveat: The above is intended to highlight ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Hitachi Enters The Cloud

Yesterday Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) used SNW USA to release information on their proposed cloud strategy, referred to as “Agile Cloud”.  Everyone believes they need a cloud story and clearly Hitachi are no different. Taken from the presentation I was given last week, is the following picture.  This pretty much sums up Hitachi’s approach; make a virtue of the technology ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: So EMC, Where’s Your Thin Persistence?

Following on from yesterday’s announcement by 3Par, I’m wondering just where EMC is in the thin reclamation market.  HDS have ZPR, which although working as a background collection process, does reclaim zeroed out blocks of data.  I believe SVC has similar functionality too. We all know that over time, Thin volumes transition back to Thick volumes as data is created ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Data Migration Strategies – Part V

This is the final post in a series on Enterprise Data Migration Strategies.  Previous posts: Enterprise Computing: Data Migration Strategies – Part I Enterprise Computing: Data Migration Strategies – Part II Enterprise Computing: Data Migration Strategies Part III Enterprise Computing: Data Migration Strategies – Part IV Previously we’ve discussed how to plan, structure and organise migrations.  In this post, I’ll touch on some ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: The Wide Striping Debate

I’ve read with interest this week the posts on wide striping and the consequent expansion to thin provisioning.  Here are some of the highlights: First there’s Martin Glasborow’s post, which discusses whether wide striping and thin provisioning should be chargeable items.  I’d go a step further than Martin and suggest that thin provisioning (TP) should also be free; after all, ... Read More »