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Enterprise Computing: USP-V – So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

So HDS’s announcement has turned out to be a complete disappointment.  What it’s not: It’s not new hardware. It’s not providing more physical capacity. It’s not providing dynamic tiering. It’s not providing enhanced replication technology. What is on offer is the ability to cluster USPs – a feature called Hitachi High Availability Manager.  By cluster, this means connect two USP ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: The New USP – A Dreary Storage Cluster?

Well, I truly hope not.  Let me just explain what I’m talking about and things may become a bit clearer. HDS have started their viral marketing for an announcement being made on 27th May.  Claus Mikkelsen’s latest blog entry asks us to guess what the announcement will be, based on an acronym of REGRADES OUR CLASSY TREAT. So, I think ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: HDS Switches On Virtualisation For Free

There’s no doubting HDS‘ Universal Volume Manager (UVM), aka external storage virtualisation is a cool product.  I’ve used it many times – it does the job.  However, the main drawback to using the product for me was always cost (I mentioned this only a few weeks ago on this post).  Well, now that’s changed; until the end of this year, ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Using USP for Migrations

Thanks to Hu Yoshida for the reference to a previous post of mine which mentioned using virtualisation (USP, SVC, take your pick) for performing data migrations. As Hu rightly points out, the USP, USP-V, NSC55 and USP-VM can all be used to virtualise other arrays and migrate data into the USP as part of a new deployment. However nothing is ... Read More »

Storage Predictions for 2009

It’s the end of another year and of course time to the obligatory posts on predictions in the industry for the next 12 months. True to form, I’ve spent some time thinking and here are my top 5 ruminations for the coming year. EMC join SPC. EMC will finally have the epiphany we’ve all been dreaming of and embrace the ... Read More »


In case you don’t always go back and look at comments (and let’s face it, it’s not easy to track them), then have a look at Tony’s comment from my post yesterday. It’s good to see a bit of banter going on and that’s what HDS could do with. HDS have hardly developed a good blogging prowess, it’s more a ... Read More »