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3Par Acquisition: The Future For The Storage Industry

The ongoing battle for 3Par by HP & Dell tells us much more about the state of the IT Industry than just the desires of two companies to acquire some interesting storage tech.  It signals an acceptance that storage is a key feature in the future direction of the IT industry – more important than networking and almost as important ... Read More »

Choosing Between Monolithic and Modular Architectures – Part I

The recent proposed acquisition of 3Par by Dell and/or HP has made me think a little more about the direction the storage industry is taking in terms of their storage array design architecture.  Since storage arrays became a category of devices in their own right, we’ve seen the growth of the monolithic, sometimes called Enterprise storage array.  Hu Yoshida discusses ... Read More »

Hitachi: The Value of uValue

This week I’ve been catching up with the folks at Hitachi in Japan, including a visit with the Storage Division.  Unfortunately that part of the week was under NDA and so can’t be discussed.  What I can say is what was discussed was extremely interesting and I look forward to what we get to see in the future.  However, back ... Read More »

Hitachi uValue

I have been fortunate to be invited by Hitachi to attend next week’s uValue conference in Tokyo, Japan.  For those who aren’t aware, 2010 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of Hitachi Ltd, the owning parent of Hitachi Data Systems, so this year’s uValue conference should be something special. This event isn’t about Hitachi Data Systems, but rather the ... Read More »

VMware Release vSphere 4.1: Vendors Rush to Support VAAI?

Today VMware announced the release of vSphere 4.1, the next generation of their ever evolving hypervisor.  To be honest it would be hard to miss this announcement judging by the flurry of “first to blog” posts I’ve seen on RSS feeds and Twitter today (see the list at the end of this post).   I’d advise you to read the ... Read More »

Hitachi Geek Day: Hitachi Bloggers & Tweeters

It may come as a surprise, but many of the HDS attendees at the Geek Day are also bloggers and tweeters.  I’ve compiled a list of those within Hitachi (including non-attendees) that I’m already aware of.  Feel free to comment if there’s anyone I have missed.  I recommend you follow these people on your RSS feeds and Twitter stream.  After ... Read More »