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Hitachi Geek Day Summary

Hitachi Geek Day has been and gone and I’m back home in the UK recovering from quick turnaround jetlag.  Originally this event was known as HDS Bloggers Day and in actual fact was a day and a half long.  Somewhere along the line the Geek monika was adopted and has been retained for the page summary on the Hitachi website.  ... Read More »

Hitachi Bloggers Day: Day 0

Here I am again on the start of another vendor blogging day.  As the title of this post suggests, this will be a trip to see Hitachi, or HDS (Hitachi Data Systems) if you prefer.  The Bloggers Day is taking place over two days and is located in San Jose, just south of San Francisco in California.  I’ve previously posted ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Hitachi Bloggers Day

This time next week I shall be in the middle of the first HDS Bloggers Day, scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday 15/16th June 2010.  I’m well versed in HDS (or Hitachi, depending on how they preferred to be known) storage products, mainly their large enterprise arrays.  I doubt we’ll see revelations on the upcoming USP V replacement due in the ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Sun/Oracle Kicks Hitachi To The Kerb

I’ve just been reading Greg Knieriemen’s post over at iknerd.com on the ending of Sun/Oracle’s OEM agreement with Hitachi to resell their high end storage arrays.  On the one hand I’m surprised by the announcement; on the other I’m not. Sun have resold Hitachi for some time under the 9990V and 9985V brand names.  These are no more than rebadged devices ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Do We Need FAST v1, EMC?

So, here’s my rash statement from Twitter last night: “If FAST isn’t free, I don’t want it!  All it’s doing is automating process I could script/do manually”.  It’s a bold statement, I know, so is FAST really offering something better than what could be achieved today using EMC’s Symmetrix Optimizer? Hot Spots EMC’s Symmetrix architecture (18 years old and counting, ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Hitachi Enters The Cloud

Yesterday Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) used SNW USA to release information on their proposed cloud strategy, referred to as “Agile Cloud”.  Everyone believes they need a cloud story and clearly Hitachi are no different. Taken from the presentation I was given last week, is the following picture.  This pretty much sums up Hitachi’s approach; make a virtue of the technology ... Read More »