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Gartner ECB (External Controller-Based Disk) – 4Q2012

The latest Gartner ECB survey is out and as discussed in my last post, I’ve updated my data to reflect the latest set of figures.  The vendors all have ups and downs each quarter so this data is particularly interesting as it covers year end 2012 and allows four years of comparisons from 2009 through to 2012. As expected, in ... Read More »

Making Sense of Storage Vendor Growth Comparisons

Figure 1 - Gartner ECB All Vendors

Each quarter, Gartner produces a report listing their estimates on figures for sales of external storage arrays, otherwise known as “external controller-based” disk (ECB).  The figures for 3Q12 are just out and make interesting reading.  IBM, HP, Dell and Oracle are all down on their position 12 months ago, whilst the other vendors have seen growth, with the best figures ... Read More »

HP Storage Webcast with David Scott

A couple of weeks ago I did a webcast with Hewlett Packard’s David Scott, General Manager of their storage division.  The event was MC’d by Calvin Zito, the infamous @hpstorageguy.  In the video we talk about some of the general challenges in storage and of course as you’d expect, David positions them in terms of HP technology. HP are going ... Read More »

What’s Wrong with Tape?

Last week I briefly attended the Tape Summit at IP Expo.  Unfortunately due to other commitments during the day I was only able to join the round-table.  To be fair this was probably the part of the day I most wanted to attend – hearing everyone’s opinion generates much more interest than listening to canned presentations. Unfortunately, I didn’t know ... Read More »

Microsoft Announces The Surface Tablet

We now know what Microsoft’s big announcement is – a tablet called the Surface.  To many this may seem like just another “me too” product from the company that used to rule the desktop, but I think a closer look is needed at what Microsoft are actually doing here. The Surface First of all, we should really talk about the ... Read More »

Bad Day At The Office For Dell, HP & Netapp

Just a quick post on news that came over the wire late UK time. Dell saw their share price drop by 17% today on weak quarterly figures, as reported by Forbes, with seemingly significant drops in their consumer business.  Could this partly be the Apple effect? Dell are working hard at building their storage business although there’s still a way to ... Read More »