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Enterprise Computing: Which Vendors Have the Right Vintage in 2010?

There’s no doubt that 2010 will prove to be another tough year in the storage industry.  Customers are looking to continue on cost reduction and austerity programmes, squeezing assets as much as they can.  Of all the storage vendors out there, which have got the the right vintage to succeed?  Here’s my light-hearted look (in no particular order) at how the ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Vendor Guarantees

My previous post regarding HDS and 3Par’s savings guarantees generated a few replies and rather than respond in comment, I’ve written an additional post in case I rant on too much. First thought: vendor guarantees need to be genuine; no hiding behind obtuse configurations that help to fluff the figures, or restrictions on the type of data suitable for reduction. ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: HP Announces Converged Infrastructure Architecture

Barely a day has gone by since EMC, VMware and Cisco announced their partnership, and now we have a view on HP’s strategy.  Today, HP announce their private cloud offering – Converged Infrastructure Architecture (CIA), putting them squarely head-to-head with the VCE coalition.  So what’s it all about? HP already offer server, storage and networking infrastructure.  The CIA (nice acronym) ... Read More »

LeftHand – a case for a new application category

HP announced today their intention to acquire LeftHand networks, an iSCSI and virtualised SAN player. Now, I doubt HP needed to buy LeftHand for their iSCSI technology. I suspect the bigger play here is the virtualised SAN technology they have – also known as the Virtual SAN Appliance. This allows a SAN to be created in a VMware guest, utilising ... Read More »

HP Power Calculators

A while back I mentioned a meeting I’d had with HP regarding Green IT (and in my case specifically storage). As part of the discussion, I asked Lucio Furlani (VP for Marketing in TSG) if we could have Power Calculations for HP storage. Well, true to their word, HP promised and have now delivered the first of a number of ... Read More »

The Conserve IT Con

There’s been a lot of blogosphere talk recently about the Wikibon “Conserve_IT” initiative and how California’s Pacific Gas and Electric Company are taking the initiative and offering organisations rebates for demonstrable IT efficiencies. You can find comments here, here and here. Unfortunately as with so many of these kinds of initiatives, the devil is in the detail. It is worth ... Read More »