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Why Tape Technology Just Doesn’t Cut It

There have been a raft of tape announcements in the last week, most notably the two 1TB wannabee’s IBM and Sun. For around a mere $37,000, plus the cost of a cartridge, I can backup 1TB of my most precious data. HP have also announced plans to extend the life of the DAT/DDS tape drive. If you are a large ... Read More »

Green IT with HP

Last Wednesday I passed a pleasant evening chatting with a number of people from HP on the subject of “Green IT”. I happen to think that “Green IT” is an oxymoron as IT is never going to deliver computing power using 100% recyclable energy and components. However, IT can certainly improve its green credentials from the position it occupies now. ... Read More »

HP Give It Large

Yesterday afternoon I had an opportunity to meet with HP as part of an informal session to make contact with storage bloggers. HP are obviously interested in the possible benefits keeping the blogging community well informed could bring, however my blog is not to act as a mouthpiece for the HP marketing department and I’d suggest if you want to ... Read More »

New Product Announcement,,,

There’s another new product out this week from HP – the XP24000… It seems to have some similarities to another product launch, 224 ports, thin provisioning, partitioning… 🙂 _uacct = “UA-1104321-2”; urchinTracker(); Read More »