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The Evolution of Hitachi Data Systems

It wasn’t long ago that many people used to think of Hitachi Data Systems, aka HDS as nothing more than a box shifter.  I myself have to admit at being complicit in that view, being somewhat negative of the release of Hitachi High Availability Manager in 2009.  The other criticism levelled at the company was the quality of their software, ... Read More »

Hitachi Attacks Migration Costs with Non-Disruptive Migration Feature

Hitachi Non-Disruptive Migration

It’s probably fair to say that data migration is one of the most tedious tasks in storage management.  Moving data from one array to another, simply to decommission a piece of hardware or for load and capacity balancing, doesn’t ever inspire me. But it’s a necessary evil and one I’ve done many times.  Unless the existing storage configuration has been ... Read More »

VAAI Follow Up – VMware Recommend Disabling Thin Reclaim

Last week VMware issued this advisory on their knowledge base, recommending the disabling of VAAI Thin Provisioning reclaim in ESXi 5.0.  Apparently it seems to be causing “poor performance’ during certain vSphere actions like Storage vMotion.  The “cause” section contains the somewhat vague comment as follows: VAAI Thin Provisioning is enabled by default on devices that adheres to T10 standards. ... Read More »

Infosmack Podcast #92 – From HDS Bloggers’ Day 2011

Last week I took part in a special Infosmack recording at the HDS Bloggers’ Day.  You can find a link to the recording here, via The Register; http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/03/29/hds_storage_virtualisation_podcast/ Unfortunately we still didn’t have the Hu v Claus benchpress competiton, but hey…. In this picture are: Greg Knieriemen – @knieriemen Hu Yoshida Claus Mikklesen – @yoclaus Nigel Poulton – @nigelpoulton Devang ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Run My Storage At 60%? No Way!

Hu Yoshida has an interesting view on his recent post discussing storage utilisation rates.  His concluding remark suggests running at a maximum of 60% utilisation – even with Dynamic Provisioning.  Hu, you must be joking, right? Point 1: I’ve paid for my 100% of storage and I’m going to use it.  I don’t remember any vendor suggesting only paying 60% ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: The Wide Striping Debate

I’ve read with interest this week the posts on wide striping and the consequent expansion to thin provisioning.  Here are some of the highlights: First there’s Martin Glasborow’s post, which discusses whether wide striping and thin provisioning should be chargeable items.  I’d go a step further than Martin and suggest that thin provisioning (TP) should also be free; after all, ... Read More »