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Storage Networking World Europe – I

Today and tomorrow (Tuesday & Wednesday), I’m visiting Storage Networking World Europe (SNWE) in Frankfurt as an “editorial guest” of SNIA. Disclaimer: The organisers have paid for my flights and accommodation to attend this event, however I’m under no obligation to write anything; all views are my own. It’s the first time I’ve visited this event, which doesn’t seem as ... Read More »

Two Weeks in Review

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, with two lots of travelling in different directions.  Last week I was in Barcelona at the HP Converged Infrastructure (CI)Event and the week previously at HDS’s launch of the new VSP (Virtual Storage Platform).  Both HP and HDS released their new platform at the same time (HP as the P9500, HDS ... Read More »

3Par Acquisition: The Future For The Storage Industry

The ongoing battle for 3Par by HP & Dell tells us much more about the state of the IT Industry than just the desires of two companies to acquire some interesting storage tech.  It signals an acceptance that storage is a key feature in the future direction of the IT industry – more important than networking and almost as important ... Read More »

Choosing Between Monolithic and Modular Architectures – Part II

This is a series of post discussing storage array architectures.  Previous posts: Choosing Between Monolithic and Modular Architectures – Part I In the first post, I discussed the shared storage model architectures typified by what we sometimes think of as Enterprise arrays, but I’ve called monolithic.  This term harks back to the mainframe days of large single computers (see Wikipedia ... Read More »

IBM to Acquire StorWize

I read with interest yesterday’s announcement from IBM that they are to acquire Storwize, a vendor of NAS compression technology.  Maybe I don’t understand enough about the technology, however I don’t see much benefit in installing an application in front of my NAS environment to only achieve between 50-90% reduction in storage.  What’s more surprising is that IBM would want ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Violin Memory Inc Release New All-SSD Array

I’m not a fan of making press releases on behalf of other companies however once in a while, a news item catches my interest.  So it is with the announcement of the Violin Memory Inc. 3200 series of all-memory storage arrays.  Why are these interesting?  Because I think they are moving and potentially blurring the boundaries between spinning drives and ... Read More »