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Enterprise Computing: Which Vendors Have the Right Vintage in 2010?

There’s no doubt that 2010 will prove to be another tough year in the storage industry.  Customers are looking to continue on cost reduction and austerity programmes, squeezing assets as much as they can.  Of all the storage vendors out there, which have got the the right vintage to succeed?  Here’s my light-hearted look (in no particular order) at how the ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Vendor Guarantees

My previous post regarding HDS and 3Par’s savings guarantees generated a few replies and rather than respond in comment, I’ve written an additional post in case I rant on too much. First thought: vendor guarantees need to be genuine; no hiding behind obtuse configurations that help to fluff the figures, or restrictions on the type of data suitable for reduction. ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Is the Solid State Drive Hype Over?

Have a look at this news report from Barrons.com on their Tech Trader site.  STEC shares lost a whopping 36% as quoted in the article and in fact were down almost 39% for the day.  So have solid state drives lost their sparkle? Barrons also wrote the day before on the STEC earnings call.  The interesting parts are (a) EMC, who ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Do We Need FAST v1, EMC?

So, here’s my rash statement from Twitter last night: “If FAST isn’t free, I don’t want it!  All it’s doing is automating process I could script/do manually”.  It’s a bold statement, I know, so is FAST really offering something better than what could be achieved today using EMC’s Symmetrix Optimizer? Hot Spots EMC’s Symmetrix architecture (18 years old and counting, ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Data Migration Strategies – Part V

This is the final post in a series on Enterprise Data Migration Strategies.  Previous posts: Enterprise Computing: Data Migration Strategies – Part I Enterprise Computing: Data Migration Strategies – Part II Enterprise Computing: Data Migration Strategies Part III Enterprise Computing: Data Migration Strategies – Part IV Previously we’ve discussed how to plan, structure and organise migrations.  In this post, I’ll touch on some ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Oracle to Buy Sun Microsystems

So all the debate about IBM buying Sun Microsystems has counted for nothing.  Oracle have stepped in and acquired the company for $9.50 a share in cash.  Here’s the press release. Now I only saw the news a few minutes ago but already my mind is racing.  Firstly, Oracle doesn’t strike me as a company that gives things away for ... Read More »