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Enterprise Computing: Cisco, IBM, Sun & EMC – A Busy Week

It’s certainly been a busy week in the world of enterprise computing. First, Cisco announced their Unified Computing System – blade servers to you and me. UCS integrates blade servers with management functionality and the Unified Fabric.  What’s interesting is that Fibre Channel gets pushed out at this point in favour of either iSCSI or FCoE.  Whilst there’s plenty of ... Read More »

Get the Balance Right

It’s not very often I side with one vendor or another however after BarryB’s recent post regarding “Benchmarketing” I feel obliged to comment. Have a read of Barry Whyte’s rebuttal too. We see technology advancements because “concept” devices are used to drive innovation but don’t necessarily translate directly to end-user products. Look at the fashion industry – some of the ... Read More »

IBM’s Storage Announcements

Today IBM made a slew of new product announcements. None of it was a surprise due to lots of pre-announcement leaks and the fact the IBM session in Montpelier was to a certain degree the formal announcement of products already mentioned in standard press releases. I can only describe the new product releases as slow and steady with nothing radical ... Read More »

Could IBM be buying Netapp?

Over at Tech Trader Daily, Eric Savitz has picked up on a 6% rise of Netapp shares today. There are no theories as to why, but I have my own. Could IBM be planning to buy Netapp? If you think about it, the purchase would make sense. IBM is a huge reseller of Netapp as the N-Series. IBM can give ... Read More »

Off The Grid

I’ve been on holiday for the last week (sunning myself and the family in Cyprus). I had no Internet access – not even TV! Although I had no laptop (or Blackberry this time) I did take my iPod Touch, now configured with the mobile version of NewsGator. As I’ve mentioned previously, I have a 100+ RSS feeds (which I’ll publish ... Read More »

Why Tape Technology Just Doesn’t Cut It

There have been a raft of tape announcements in the last week, most notably the two 1TB wannabee’s IBM and Sun. For around a mere $37,000, plus the cost of a cartridge, I can backup 1TB of my most precious data. HP have also announced plans to extend the life of the DAT/DDS tape drive. If you are a large ... Read More »