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Managing iSCSI on Windows 2008 Core with Hyper-V

I've been spending some time recently working with Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualisation platform and one of the major hassles I've experienced is having to use the command line rather than GUI for certain functions. If you're not aware, Windows 2008 Core is a stripped down version of a standard Windows 2008 Server deployment and so has no GUI interface. That makes administering features such as iSCSI a little more challenging. Read More »

Hardware Review: Promise SmartStor NS4600 – Part III

This is a series of posts on the Promise SmartStor NS4600 home storage server.  Previous posts: Hardware Review: Promise SmartStor NS4600 – Part I Hardware Review: Promise SmartStor NS4600 – Part II In this post, we will discuss file layout, formats and protocols available on the NS4600.  The previous post (above) discussed how RAID is constructed across physical disks.  Multiple ... Read More »

Hardware Review: Drobo Elite – Part I

This post is the first in a series covering the DroboElite SMB storage device from Data Robotics Inc. The DroboElite is the most fully featured storage array in the Data Robotics range of devices.  Regular readers will know I’ve posted frequently on these devices, from the first Drobo “Classic” to the DroboPro, both of which I own and have purchased myself.  Data Robotics ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Violin Memory Inc Release New All-SSD Array

I’m not a fan of making press releases on behalf of other companies however once in a while, a news item catches my interest.  So it is with the announcement of the Violin Memory Inc. 3200 series of all-memory storage arrays.  Why are these interesting?  Because I think they are moving and potentially blurring the boundaries between spinning drives and ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Is 2010 The Year for iSCSI or FCoE? Place Your Bets!

It’s pretty traditional to start the year looking at what will be prevalent in the coming 12 months.  In this opinion article, I will discuss whether we’ll see the prevalence of iSCSI or FCoE and what we can expect, looking back this time in 2011. History and Background on iSCSI iSCSI as a concept was first developed by IBM in ... Read More »

Virtualisation: Virtualising MY SOHO Infrastructure

I’m in the process of migrating my existing physical infrastructure into a virtual environment. There’s nothing like “eating your own dog food” (there’s got to be a better expression than that) for testing out your beliefs on how technology should be implemented, so it’s only fitting I virtualise the IT infrastructure I rely on. In summary, I run a “production” ... Read More »