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Is it me?

..or do some people not like comments. Here’s another iSCSI post from Marc Farley at Equallogic. I think he’s saying iSCSI is good. I agree – good in the right circumstance. Marc – either tell me how to or enable comments – please!! _uacct = “UA-1104321-2”; urchinTracker(); Read More »

iSCSI Security Part 1

I’ve done some more work on iSCSI. That meant rebuilding one of my iSCSI client environments as I totalled it by trying to add another drive to the VM guest. Anyway, panic over. I’ve got the client working again and I’ve been running traces to see how easy it is to locate relevant data in an unprotected iSCSI stream. I ... Read More »

iSCSI Nonsense

I’ve just read Mark Lewis’s latest blog entry. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to permit comments so I’ll just have to take issue here. For those who haven’t read it, he talks about the recent talking up of iSCSI. So, I have done that, so have others. He misses a huge point. IT is driven by technologists. The world is driven ... Read More »

iSCSI Continued (2)

After my previous post on iSCSI testing I promised some more detail. So my test environment is based on the Netapp Simulator version 7.2.1, which you can download if you’re a Netapp customer – not sure if it’s available to non-customers (it should be as it is a great marketing tool) but I guess if you want to find out ... Read More »

more about iSCSI

I mentioned as a “Storage Resolution” to look more in-depth at iSCSI. Well I’ve started doing just that today. The first thing I thought I needed was a working environment. I’m not keen on investing in an entire storage array (at this stage) to do the testing (unless some *very* generous vendor out there wants to let me “loan” one) ... Read More »