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Microsoft Q&A Session: IP Expo 2010

Before IP Expo this year, I was invited to a Q&A session with Zane Adam, Microsoft General Manager for Azure.    I’ve not posted any video from the event (yet).  Fortunately Microsoft have saved me the effort and posted a few clips online.  Here’s one video with a few interesting questions. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzYOrG8YsxM[/youtube] Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Hitachi Enters The Cloud

Yesterday Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) used SNW USA to release information on their proposed cloud strategy, referred to as “Agile Cloud”.  Everyone believes they need a cloud story and clearly Hitachi are no different. Taken from the presentation I was given last week, is the following picture.  This pretty much sums up Hitachi’s approach; make a virtue of the technology ... Read More »

Bl** Hyper-V!

Well, I wasted 3 hours of my life last night trying to get Hyper-V working on one of my PC/servers. Admittedly it’s an ancient 2 years old, only has PCI-Express, SATA-II support and up to 4-core Intel processors, but for some reason, my attempts to install Hyper-V would get just so far and fail with a cryptic 0x8007045D error. As ... Read More »

NTFS Update

I did some more work on my NTFS issue on Friday. As previously mentioned, I was seeing NTFS filesystems with large levels of fragmentation even after drives were compressed. The answer turns out to be quite simple; Windows doesn’t consolidate the free space blocks which accumulate as files are created and deleted. So, as a test I started with a ... Read More »