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Virtualisation: Virtualising MY SOHO Infrastructure

I’m in the process of migrating my existing physical infrastructure into a virtual environment. There’s nothing like “eating your own dog food” (there’s got to be a better expression than that) for testing out your beliefs on how technology should be implemented, so it’s only fitting I virtualise the IT infrastructure I rely on. In summary, I run a “production” ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Symantec FileStore

Today Symantec are announcing their scalable NAS product called FileStore.  This simple appliance claims to offer linear scaling for up to 2PB of storage per cluster, leveraging all the benefits of the Veritas storage products we’ve come to know and love over the years.  But what chance has this competitor in a crowded market? Have a look a the graphic ... Read More »

Drobo Update

I’ve had my Drobo for a few months now. For those of you not familiar with the technology, the Drobo is a storage device from a company called Data Robotics. Follow the link above to their website for full details. I’d been looking for a decent home/home office storage device for some time. RAID support was a must and initially ... Read More »

Storage as a commodity

I just read a comment over at Zerowait regarding Netapp and proprietary hardware. It reminded me of something I was thinking about recently on the commoditisation of storage. There’s nothing worse to my mind than a storage vendor who has no competition. Inevitably in some organisations that situation can exist when a single supplier is chosen to supply (for example) ... Read More »