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Choosing Between Monolithic and Modular Architectures – Part I

The recent proposed acquisition of 3Par by Dell and/or HP has made me think a little more about the direction the storage industry is taking in terms of their storage array design architecture.  Since storage arrays became a category of devices in their own right, we’ve seen the growth of the monolithic, sometimes called Enterprise storage array.  Hu Yoshida discusses ... Read More »

Data ONTAP 8.0 – Part III

I’ve twice posted now on Data ONTAP 8.0 shortcomings and this evening I did a little more research with the IBM version of Netapp’s hardware, the N-Series products.  Fortunately, IBM are slightly more generous and informative in their documentation than Netapp and this document (freely available online) provides more background information on the “DOT8” transition process.  So, I’ve tried to ... Read More »

Netapp: The Inflexibility of Data ONTAP

Thanks to @ianhf for posting a related blog entry berating Netapp for their lackadaisical approach in delivering features in Data ONTAP that customers really want.  My original post is here; @ianhf’s post is here.  I urge you to read it as it takes what I was saying a whole step further and was probably the post I would have written ... Read More »

Opinion: Netapp & vSphere 4.1 – Where’s the Beef?

Yesterday’s announcements on vSphere 4.1 was amazing in a number of respects.  Firstly the blogging community were falling over themselves to make announcements on the new release.  I expect there was a well organised PR & marketing push behind the scenes to get so many people talking about the technology from midnight onwards.  Secondly, there was a slew of announcements ... Read More »

VMware Release vSphere 4.1: Vendors Rush to Support VAAI?

Today VMware announced the release of vSphere 4.1, the next generation of their ever evolving hypervisor.  To be honest it would be hard to miss this announcement judging by the flurry of “first to blog” posts I’ve seen on RSS feeds and Twitter today (see the list at the end of this post).   I’d advise you to read the ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing – Death of Tiering?

I’m not the first to post on the subject of Netapp’s President and CEO Tom Georgens commenting during their latest earnings call on the apparent death of tiering as we know it today. In Netapp’s view, there will be no tiering of storage in the future.  Instead we will be using SATA drives for our data and cache cards.  Here’s ... Read More »