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Enterprise Computing: Which Vendors Have the Right Vintage in 2010?

There’s no doubt that 2010 will prove to be another tough year in the storage industry.  Customers are looking to continue on cost reduction and austerity programmes, squeezing assets as much as they can.  Of all the storage vendors out there, which have got the the right vintage to succeed?  Here’s my light-hearted look (in no particular order) at how the ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Vendor Guarantees

My previous post regarding HDS and 3Par’s savings guarantees generated a few replies and rather than respond in comment, I’ve written an additional post in case I rant on too much. First thought: vendor guarantees need to be genuine; no hiding behind obtuse configurations that help to fluff the figures, or restrictions on the type of data suitable for reduction. ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: 3par and HDS – 50% Saving – Guaranteed?

In the past week, both 3Par and HDS have announced a 50% guarantee on reclaimed storage if customers move data from existing “fat” legacy arrays to 3Par storage or use HDS thin provisioning technologies.  The 3Par news release is here; the Hitachi news release is here. The 3Par guarantee is presented with a caveat: The above is intended to highlight ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Symantec FileStore

Today Symantec are announcing their scalable NAS product called FileStore.  This simple appliance claims to offer linear scaling for up to 2PB of storage per cluster, leveraging all the benefits of the Veritas storage products we’ve come to know and love over the years.  But what chance has this competitor in a crowded market? Have a look a the graphic ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing – Netapp’s £1,000,000 Giveaway

On 1st September, Netapp announced a programme to give away $1,000,000 of hardware and services to a non-Netapp customer in order to “prove” their Virtualisation Guarantee – save 50% of your storage in virtualised environments.  Now that challenge is available to UK customers – and this time it’s for a cool £1 million. The concept is pretty simple; Netapp are ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: A Myopic View of Unified Storage

I’ve only just stumbled on Kostadis’ video on Unified Storage.  In case you’re not familiar with the concept, here’s his definition: A piece of hardware that has CPU, Memory and disk That supports FC, iSCSI, CIFS and NFS That has a common management console for all storage functions that are not protocol specific Has a single replication mechanism that is ... Read More »