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Enterprise Computing: Netapp and Efficiency – Managing Perception

Within the Storage Industry there are perceptions on the efficiency of storage hardware from the major vendors. But is that perception justified or is it the customer who is to blame? Read More »

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Here’s a quality piece of reporting from TechCrunch on the state of Facebook and their data problems. I mentioned just last week in this post about their data growth. It’s incredible that they’re purchasing a new Netapp 3070 filer each week! I’m surprised that Facebook would be continually purchasing NAS filers to grow their content. There must be a rolling ... Read More »

Could Netapp make a virtual NAS appliance?

As well as storage, one area of IT I find really interesting is virtualisation. Over the years I’ve used VM (e.g. the IBM mainframe platform), MVS (now morphed into z/OS) as well as products such as Iceberg. More recently I’ve been using VMware since it was first released and finally have managed to deploy a permanent VMware ESX installation in ... Read More »

The Right Way to do Vendor Comparisons

Good old Chuck Hollis has stirred up the vendor vitriol over the last week with two posts comparing the capacity efficiency of EMC’s CX4, Netapp’s FAS and HP’s EVA products. See “Your Usable Capacity May Vary” and “Updates to Capacity Post”. Unsurprisingly, Chuck’s conclusion is that EMC comes out on top (if it hadn’t, would he still have posted – ... Read More »

Could IBM be buying Netapp?

Over at Tech Trader Daily, Eric Savitz has picked up on a 6% rise of Netapp shares today. There are no theories as to why, but I have my own. Could IBM be planning to buy Netapp? If you think about it, the purchase would make sense. IBM is a huge reseller of Netapp as the N-Series. IBM can give ... Read More »

I Stand Corrected

In a previous post earlier this year I mentioned the Onaro purchase by Network Appliance. As I said at the time, I wasn’t aware Onaro’s SANScreen product even had a NAS module. It seems I was wrong, and thanks for Deni O’Connor for indirectly pointing it out. In fact, SANScreen now has NAS Insight which provides for NAS monitoring support. ... Read More »