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I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front over the last week, mainly because I’ve been away on business and I didn’t take my laptop ( 🙁 ). I travelled “lite”, which I’m not normally used to doing and that meant taking only the essentials. In fact, as I didn’t have any checked baggage, I forgot about a corkscrew ... Read More »

Storage as a commodity

I just read a comment over at Zerowait regarding Netapp and proprietary hardware. It reminded me of something I was thinking about recently on the commoditisation of storage. There’s nothing worse to my mind than a storage vendor who has no competition. Inevitably in some organisations that situation can exist when a single supplier is chosen to supply (for example) ... Read More »

more about iSCSI

I mentioned as a “Storage Resolution” to look more in-depth at iSCSI. Well I’ve started doing just that today. The first thing I thought I needed was a working environment. I’m not keen on investing in an entire storage array (at this stage) to do the testing (unless some *very* generous vendor out there wants to let me “loan” one) ... Read More »