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VAAI – Offloading or Maintaining Control?

During last week’s HP Discover 2011 event, Nigel Poulton (@nigelpoulton) raised a very interesting point regarding the way VMware potentially intend to control the storage space through VMFS and the apparent contradiction in terms of also pushing off tasks to the storage array through VAAI.  I thought it worth expanding on these discussions in more detail as the difference and ... Read More »

Random VAAI Thoughts

I’ve just posted about the SCSI support that enables VAAI features over on my storage blog.  Writing that post got me thinking about the wider aspects of VAAI or at least the reasons for why VAAI is needed.  This in turn spawned a few random thoughts I feel like sharing. VAAI is for SCSI. The current implementation supports SCSI, presumably ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Symantec FileStore

Today Symantec are announcing their scalable NAS product called FileStore.  This simple appliance claims to offer linear scaling for up to 2PB of storage per cluster, leveraging all the benefits of the Veritas storage products we’ve come to know and love over the years.  But what chance has this competitor in a crowded market? Have a look a the graphic ... Read More »