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The Defrag Debate

I was asked again this week whether defragging of hard drives on Windows servers is really necessary. This is quite pertinent as the cost of deploying an enterprise-wide defrag tool can be significant and any opportunity to save money has to be a good one. I discussed fragmentation last year (here) when looking into a problem which turned out to ... Read More »


According to Wikipedia, lightning can travel at a speed of 100,000 MPH, however I think storage vendors are even faster than lightning when it comes to highlighting or dissing the competition. Mere microseconds after reading Claus Mikkelsen’s blog on the USP-V SPC figures, there are posts from BarryW and BarryB, doing the highlighting and dissing respectively (I almost wrote respectfully ... Read More »

PSSST….Green Storage

HDS announced today a few amendments to the AMS/WMS range. The most interesting is the apparent ability to power down drives which are not in use a-la-Copan. According to the press release above, the drives can be powered down by the user as necessary, which presents some interesting questions. Firstly, I guess this is going to be handled through a ... Read More »

NTFS Update

I did some more work on my NTFS issue on Friday. As previously mentioned, I was seeing NTFS filesystems with large levels of fragmentation even after drives were compressed. The answer turns out to be quite simple; Windows doesn’t consolidate the free space blocks which accumulate as files are created and deleted. So, as a test I started with a ... Read More »

Pause for Thoughtput

I’ve just read a couple of Gary O’s postings over at Thoughtput, the blog from Gear6. In his article “Feeding the Virtual Machines”, he discussed NAS and SAN deployment for a virtual environment and makes the bold claim: “Most people tend to agree that NAS is easier and more cost effective than SANs for modern data center architectures.” I have ... Read More »

DMX-4 Green or not?

After the recent EMC announcements on DMX-4, I promised I would look at the question of whether the new DMX-4 is really as green as it claims to be. I did some research and the results are quite interesting. Firstly we need to set the boundaries. One of the hardest part of comparing hardware from different manufacturers is that they ... Read More »