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Enterprise Computing: RAID Is Not Enough

Happy New Year and welcome back to all my readers! 🙂 I’ve been messing about with some old hard drives this week and unusually for me, one is sounding decidedly sickly. I’ve never had a personal hard drive go on me (I guess I always upgrade/move on before it happens), but rest assured I’ve had plenty “fail” in the Enterprise ... Read More »

Understanding EVA – revisited

Thanks to all those who posted in response to Understanding EVA earlier this week, especially Cleanur who added a lot of detail. Based on the additional knowledge, I’d summarise again: EVA disks are placed in groups – usually recommended to be one single group unless there’s a compelling reason not to (like different disk types e.g. FC/FATA). Disk groups are ... Read More »

Two for the price of one

The holidays are over and it’s back to work for me. In fact I returned yesterday; the break was good however it is also good to be back. It seems that I’ve returned to a flurry of acquisitions. Yesterday there was the heavily reported (on the blogosphere) purchase of XiV by IBM. Tony Pearson gives a summary of the features ... Read More »

Giving RAID the thumbs up

Just read Robin Harris’ post at his new blog location; http://blogs.zdnet.com/storage/?p=116 and his comment on another blog discussing RAID. He quotes a VAR who has tracked disk failures and thinks RAID is an expensive luxury for desktops. It’s interesting to see the failure rates quoted, anywhere from 1-3%, which on the face of it, seems low. However when its *your* ... Read More »