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Windows Server 2012 (Windows Server “8″) – Virtual Fibre Channel

This is one of a series of posts discussing the new features in Windows Server 2012, now shipping and previously in public beta as Windows Server 8.  You can find references to other related posts at the end of this article.  This post reviews the new Hyper-V 3.0 feature, Virtual Fibre Channel. Background Virtual Fibre Channel (VFC) enables a Hyper-V ... Read More »

The Cyclical Nature of Storage

Perhaps I should have entitled this post “The Cyclical Nature of IT” because the same principles apply.   Over time, storage moves back and forth between fully dispersed and fully centralised like a sine wave on an oscilloscope. The Evidence Look at the evidence.  In the 1950’s and 1960’s there was no choice but to be centralised.  All we had ... Read More »

Storage in Cloud is Not the Centre of The Universe

In a previous post, I touched on the need to have APIs for managing storage in cloud environments.  In this post, I’ll talk about how the way in which storage is deployed in cloud environments has to change. For the last 10 years, the advent of Storage Area Networks (SANs) has created a storage-centric view of the world with storage ... Read More »

Review: Compellent Storage Center – Part I

This is a series of posts reviewing the Compellent Storage Center Storage Array. Compellent Inc, founded in 2002, produces the Storage Center product, a SAN storage array build around commodity hardware.  In addition to providing advanced features found on newer storage arrays (such as thin provisioning), the Compellent device has one unique (for now) feature that sets it apart from ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: Cloud /= Virtualisation

I finally managed to attend a London CloudCamp last Thursday, which conveniently co-incided with a #storagebeers evening.  For two hours of listening to the collective wisdom of the presenters and the “unpanel” we were offered free beer and food.  Now free beer is good, however I’m not sure it’s good enough to make me want to listen to yet another ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: What Next For Virtualisation?

Earlier this month, Texas Memory Systems announced they had acquired the intellectual assets of Incipient, a company that produced SAN virtualisation hardware and software.  With Incipient gone, EMC hardly bothering to mention Invista, what is the future of SAN LUN virtualisation?  I talked about Incipient last year, here and here when discussing the costs of performing migrations.  As I said at the time, ... Read More »