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Do You Really Need a SAN – Of Course You Do!

The wacky boys at Forrester have a great new article posted relating to the requirement to have a Storage Area Network. Here’s a link to their post. Tony Asaro and Hu Yoshida have both posted on the subject already but I couldn’t resist having my 2 cents. SANs evolved for very good reasons; the need to consolidate storage, the need ... Read More »


Fibre Channel over Ethernet has been back on my radar recently, especially as it was touted again at Storage Networking World in Orlando last week. Unfortunately I wasn’t there and didn’t see for myself, although I was in Orlando the week before on vacation. I can imagine if I’d extended or moved the holiday to include SNW that I’d be ... Read More »

Using that 8Gbps

Symantec/Veritas announced this week the release of Netbackup 6.5. It seems to me like the company has been talking about this version of the product forever and as is mentioned on other blogs, there are lots of new features to play with. The ones I’ve been looking forward to are called SAN Media Server and SAN Client. These allow the ... Read More »

Certification Nightmare

One of the things I’ve always found a real issue in heterogeneous environments is that of certification. By certification I mean confirming that an installation is vendor supported. This is no mean feat in today’s storage world. There are multiple layers – storage array, fabric, HBA, O/S, logical volume manager and multipathing software. There are also issues of virtualisation, product ... Read More »

Port Oversubscription

Following on from snig’s post, I promised a blog on FC switch oversubscription. It’s been on my list for some time and I have discussed it before, however it has also a subject I’ve discussed with clients from a financial perspective and here’s why; most people look at the cost of a fibre channel switch on a per port basis, ... Read More »

Storage as a commodity

I just read a comment over at Zerowait regarding Netapp and proprietary hardware. It reminded me of something I was thinking about recently on the commoditisation of storage. There’s nothing worse to my mind than a storage vendor who has no competition. Inevitably in some organisations that situation can exist when a single supplier is chosen to supply (for example) ... Read More »