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Random VAAI Thoughts

I’ve just posted about the SCSI support that enables VAAI features over on my storage blog.  Writing that post got me thinking about the wider aspects of VAAI or at least the reasons for why VAAI is needed.  This in turn spawned a few random thoughts I feel like sharing. VAAI is for SCSI. The current implementation supports SCSI, presumably ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: Block-Based Storage

A while back, I discussed speculation from EMC around Emulex’s proposed cloud-block storage appliance, E3s (Enterprise Elastic Storage).  With my current focus on Cloud Storage, I thought it would be good to delve a bit deeper into some of the aspects of why block-based cloud computing could prove tricky and why without an appliance it may be impossible. Block Storage ... Read More »

Analysis: Adaptec

This is an ongoing series of posts looking at storage companies and their investment potential. ** DISCLAIMER: This and related blog entries are for fun only and do not represent investment advice. You should make your own opinions on investments or consult a financial adviser ** Background Adaptec has a well known history for the manufacture of server and PC ... Read More »