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Where’s All the Data Gone?

Eric Savitz over at Tech Trader has an interesting article today. Demand at Seagate is down and consolidation of the industry is expected. However as recently as March last year EMC was telling us how storage growth just keeps on spiralling upwards. So what’s happening? Are we becoming inherently more efficient at storing our data all of a sudden, now ... Read More »

New Seagate Savvio Drives

Seagate have announced the availability of the next generation of Savvio 2.5″ drives running at 15K. Capacity is increased to 146GB (I’m waiting for confirmation this is the case as there are no data sheets online yet). The capacity increase is overdue to keep up with the roadmap of 3.5″ drives and co-incidentally I’m in the process of reviewing the ... Read More »

Whatever Happened to Hybrid Drives?

Over 18 months ago, I discussed in a post (here) the Hybrid Storage Alliance who were looking to increase the performance of hard drives by adding large amounts of flash to each device. But where are they now? A quick check on their website shows precious little information. In fact what’s on offer seems to point to using hybrids for ... Read More »

How Many IOPS?

A question I get asked occasionally is; “How many IOPS can my RAID group sustain?” in relation to Enterprise class arrays. Obviously the first question is to determine what the data profile is, however if it isn’t known, then assume the I/O will be 100% random. If all the I/O is random, then each I/O request will require a seek ... Read More »

Recycling Drives – Update

Last week I posted about wasted hard drives, removed from arrays and crushed to prevent the leak of sensitive data. I contacted HGST and Seagate to get some additional background. Here are their responses, slightly edited to correct any spelling mistakes but otherwise intact. Seagate (a) when will the technology be deployed in Enterprise FC drives? Our OEMs are currently ... Read More »

Seagate Raises the Bar with 1.5TB Drive

Seagate announced yesterday version 11 of their Barracuda hard drive range, to be released next month (August 2008) with a maximum capacity of 1.5TB. The news link has all the speeds and feeds if you’re interested in how they have achieved this remarkable milestone. I’ve trawled the ‘net to plot the release of previous versions of the drive and their ... Read More »