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2014 – The Year of Storage Virtualisation

Earlier this week I was reading an article in the UK’s Computing magazine, which listed research on key priorities for businesses over the next three years.  The top three items for research were listed as Storage Virtualisation, Desktop Virtualisation and solid state drives (SSDs).  I was interested that 56% of respondents said they were looking into doing virtualisation of their ... Read More »

Virtualisation – Solving the Storage Problem

One of the interesting take-aways from VMworld EMEA this year was the number of companies looking to solve the “storage problem” in virtualisation.  I’m sure many of our traditional storage vendors will say that no problem exists, however there is a perception that storage, in particular Fibre Channel, is a costly solution and requires expensive administrators to keep tidy and ... Read More »

HP Discover – Las Vegas 11-13 June 2013 and Software Defined Storage

This coming week I will be in Las Vegas for HP Discover 2013.  I was last here 2 years ago and HP have had a turbulent time since then, especially with their mobile strategy and the Autonomy acquisition.  From my perspective, I’m interested to hear about new developments on the storage front – no doubt there will be announcements from ... Read More »

Data Storage and The Question of Trust

Nexenta, the software-only storage company received a further $24m in funding last week and had a swap around of their top execs, with former CEO Evan Powell moving to Chief Strategy Officer.  Nexenta have been described by some (including themselves) as Software Defined Storage, but we’ll park that definition for now and highlight the fact that Nexenta don’t sell hardware ... Read More »

Who’s Doing Software Defined Storage?

Without a clear definition, it’s difficult to answer the question posed as the title of this post.  Last time I mentioned Hitachi, VPLEX from EMC, Nutanix and SolidFire.  Since posting the last blog entry, I’ve had representations from Coraid (check out this presentation) and Zadara Storage (yet to be evaluated).  So who else is claiming SDS?  I’d be interested to ... Read More »