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XtremIO (aka Project X) – Where’s the Innovation? (Updated)

There have been a few interesting articles discussing EMC’s anticipated release of Project X, also known as their XtremIO acquisition from earlier this year.  Tom Isakovich, CEO of Nimbus Data has a blog that does a virtual teardown on the leaked hardware specifications.  Robin Harris also chooses to raise the stakes with a commentary on EMC’s problem child.  Somehow I ... Read More »

The Evolution of Solid State Arrays

In the first wave of solid-state storage arrays, we saw commodity style SSDs (solid state drives) being added to traditional storage arrays.  This solution provided an incremental benefit in performance over spinning hard drives, however the back-end technology in these arrays was developed up to 20 years ago and was purely focused around driving performance out of the slowest part ... Read More »

Optimising Storage Architectures for SSD

Last week I attended Hitachi’s 2012 Blogger Day.  Aside from catching up with some old friends, we were presented with some NDA stuff which will see the light of day soon.  In the meantime, I want to talk about a press release Hitachi made while I was still on holiday (and clearly missed as I returned, somewhat jetlagged). Previously I’ve ... Read More »

Booting from PCIe SSD – Do We Need It?

Texas Memory Systems have just announced that their RamSan-70 PCIe SSD cards can now be used as bootable devices.  Currently support is restricted only to Linux operating systems with x86 64-bit hardware supporting the UEFI boot standard, but Windows support is expected later in the year. I’m struggling to decide whether this is a feature we need within the server. ... Read More »

Primary Storage De-duplication: Only for SSD Arrays?

I recently wrote an article for TechTarget that looked at the implementations of data de-duplication in primary storage arrays.  One of the things that stood out for me was the lack of de-duplication support in traditional (and some might say legacy) storage arrays. The cynical amongst us would say that the big 5 storage vendors have no vested interest in ... Read More »

VEEAM Community Podcast #59 – SSD State Of The Union 2

Here’s a link to a podcast I did last week with my good friend Rick Vanover.  It’s a discussion on SSD and where we stand today.  With the wealth of SSD information around today, this podcast could have been 2 hours long! VEEAM Community Podcast #59 – SSD State Of The Union 2 Read More »