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Will Poor SRM Products Kill The Storage Array?

A random comment made on twitter a few days ago has been stuck in my mind and been going around and around.  It’s finally emerged.  Even as we start into 2011 we don’t really have scalable Storage Resource Management products for the Enterprise. Sure, we have point products that can managed small numbers of arrays.  All vendors produce those.  They ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Violin Memory Inc Release New All-SSD Array

I’m not a fan of making press releases on behalf of other companies however once in a while, a news item catches my interest.  So it is with the announcement of the Violin Memory Inc. 3200 series of all-memory storage arrays.  Why are these interesting?  Because I think they are moving and potentially blurring the boundaries between spinning drives and ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: The Slow Demise of The Hard Drive

Yesterday Nimbus Data Systems announced the release of their S-Class storage array.  What’s different about this storage device is that it uses purely NAND memory rather than traditional spinning disk.  With it’s arrival, we’re seeing another nail in the coffin of the traditional hard drive. OK, so the S-Class isn’t going to replace hard drives overnight – at $25,000 for ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing – Death of Tiering?

I’m not the first to post on the subject of Netapp’s President and CEO Tom Georgens commenting during their latest earnings call on the apparent death of tiering as we know it today. In Netapp’s view, there will be no tiering of storage in the future.  Instead we will be using SATA drives for our data and cache cards.  Here’s ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Is the Solid State Drive Hype Over?

Have a look at this news report from Barrons.com on their Tech Trader site.  STEC shares lost a whopping 36% as quoted in the article and in fact were down almost 39% for the day.  So have solid state drives lost their sparkle? Barrons also wrote the day before on the STEC earnings call.  The interesting parts are (a) EMC, who ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Are You Happy With A Sole Supplier?

On more than one occasion I’ve discussed the idea of putting 2.5″ drives into mainstream storage arrays and asked the question why they’ve not been widely adopted.  Probably the most common response has been to justify their non-adoption by quoting the lack of multiple suppliers for the technology.   Look in your storage arrays today and you’ll see typically that ... Read More »