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HP Challenges Dell for 3Par

So there we have it.  A week after Dell announce their intention to acquire 3Par, HP put their cards on the table and trump the Dell bid with an updated offer of $24 a share.  This represents a 1/3 increase over the Dell $18/share offer. HP have been pretty acquisitive in the storage arena over the last few years, acquiring ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: 4 Pillars – Service: Chargeback

This is a series of posts covering the subject of Storage Management.  Previous posts: The Four Pillars of Storage Management Four Pillars: Service Four Pillars: The Service Catalogue In any system, resources are finite.  There is always a limitation to what is available.  However there’s also a truism that states if resources are free then they will be consumed at an ... Read More »

Lehman Brothers hits the rocks

The latest casualty of the credit crunch is Lehman Brothers who have filed for Chapter 11 Bankrupcy protection. See the report here from the BBC. I worked for Lehman in the UK for a short period about 4 years ago. If their banking operations was run anything like IT, then there’s no surprise they are out of business today. I ... Read More »

Large Hadron Collider, Data, Sweden and Nuclear Rockets

The testing of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider has been widely reported over the last few days and weeks in the media. You can find more details here. In simplistic terms, the project is looking to re-create the conditions experienced in the Big Bang at the start of the universe in an attempt to detect elusive atomic sub-particles, which should help ... Read More »

FC Enhancements

A comment posted to my previous blog entry reminds me of a requirement I’ve had for some time from Fibre Channel. In the “Good Old Days” in my first working life as a mainframe systems programmer, I could very easily see a breakdown of response time against each storage device on an LPAR. Now, the passing years may have given ... Read More »

Drobo Update

I’ve had my Drobo for a few months now. For those of you not familiar with the technology, the Drobo is a storage device from a company called Data Robotics. Follow the link above to their website for full details. I’d been looking for a decent home/home office storage device for some time. RAID support was a must and initially ... Read More »