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Large Hadron Collider, Data, Sweden and Nuclear Rockets

The testing of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider has been widely reported over the last few days and weeks in the media. You can find more details here. In simplistic terms, the project is looking to re-create the conditions experienced in the Big Bang at the start of the universe in an attempt to detect elusive atomic sub-particles, which should help ... Read More »

FC Enhancements

A comment posted to my previous blog entry reminds me of a requirement I’ve had for some time from Fibre Channel. In the “Good Old Days” in my first working life as a mainframe systems programmer, I could very easily see a breakdown of response time against each storage device on an LPAR. Now, the passing years may have given ... Read More »

Drobo Update

I’ve had my Drobo for a few months now. For those of you not familiar with the technology, the Drobo is a storage device from a company called Data Robotics. Follow the link above to their website for full details. I’d been looking for a decent home/home office storage device for some time. RAID support was a must and initially ... Read More »

Problems Problems

This week I’ve been working on two interesting (ish) problems. Well, one more interesting than the other, one a case of the vendor needing to think about requirements more. Firstly, Tuning Manager (my old software nemesis) strikes again. Within Tuning Manager it is possible to track performance for all LUNs in an array. The gotcha I found this week is ... Read More »

Long term data retention

I spent some time earlier this week talking to COPAN. They produce high density storage systems, but not the sort of arrays you’d use for traditional data storage. Their product is pitched at the long term persistent storage market. I’m sure you can read the website if you’re interested however, I hadn’t really thought through what this kind of technology ... Read More »

#4 – 3Par

3Par, a storage array vendor is promising to purchase carbon emission offset credits for every TB of thin provisioning storage customers purchase in 2007. Their estimate, based on the 4PB of storage they expect to sell is that the equivalent of 700 cars or 8 million lbs (that’s about 3600 tonnes to you and me) will be offset through Terrapass. ... Read More »