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#3 – The Solution

There are some very obvious things that can be done to reduce my emissions. Here are a few I think may work: Working from home Use public transport rather than drive Use a laptop rather than a PC Virtualise all my “testing” servers to a single unit It’s a fairly weak list. I suppose the problem with this is I’ve ... Read More »

Storage protocols for VMware

I’ve been doing more VMware work recently. The deployment I’m working on is using SAN presented disk. The storage started as 50GB LUNs, quickly grew to 100GB and now we’re deploying on 200GB LUNs, using VMFS and placing multiple VM guests on each meta volume. Now, this presents a number of problems. Firstly, it was clear the LUN sizes weren’t ... Read More »

Buy Buy Buy

More acquisition news; Brocade and McDATA are finally just Brocade after the purchase completes. There’s a snazzy new logo which I can’t decide is like a pair of red angel wings, or some convoluted join of the M and B from the two companies. Personally, I preferred the old logo depicting a fabric, it worked for me. I even had ... Read More »

iSCSI Security Part 2

To tie down my iSCSI test environment I’ve implemented IPsec between client and server. This allows me to encrypt either the traffic or headers of my IP stream. I chose ESP (Encapsulating Security Payload) as this gives full confidentiality to my data, rather than Authentication Header (AH) which provides integrity as to the source of the data. Implementation on my ... Read More »

Brocade/McDATA Merge Approved

The Brocade purchase of McDATA has been approved by both shareholders. The expected completion of the merger is 29 January. I’m interested to see the merged product lines and how BrocDATA intends to support both product sets (especially the director class devices). There will be a lot of customers out there looking to see what bridging technology the merged company ... Read More »

#2 – The Problem

In a nutshell, the human race is increasing the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As these are increased, they trap more sunlight, warming the earth, hence the “greenhouse gas” effect. Enough of me explaining, have a look at the climate change section on the Friends Of The Earth website. We are burning fossil fuels and cutting down trees, ... Read More »