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#1 – The Reasoning

As a Storage Consultant, I spend a lot of time examining disk subsystems and storage networks. All of these pieces of equipment consume resources, some more than others. Picking “green” products is an important part of the datacentre build process; more equipment is being shoe horned into smaller, more compact footprints. I see two challenges: To seek out, highlight and ... Read More »

A confession

Nigel commented on my slow provisioning post. I have to agree that Device Manager has its faults. I’m doing some work on Device and Tuning Manager in the coming weeks as I’m installing both on VMware guests. So, I should have some performance feedback. The comment highlights how software still has a long way to go. A few (well quite ... Read More »

iSCSI Continued (2)

After my previous post on iSCSI testing I promised some more detail. So my test environment is based on the Netapp Simulator version 7.2.1, which you can download if you’re a Netapp customer – not sure if it’s available to non-customers (it should be as it is a great marketing tool) but I guess if you want to find out ... Read More »

Manic Miner and Storage Resource Management

I tried a bit of nostalgia the other day. From a “freebie” CD-ROM I installed a games emulator for the ZX Spectrum, a personal computer that was hugely popular in the ’80s. The game I installed was called Manic Miner, one of the original platform games. At the time (1983) it was a classic and (shamefully) I even hacked the ... Read More »

Tower of Tera

Lots of talk today about the 1 terabyte drive from Hitachi. In fact the drive is more likely to be about 931GB based on the dubious practice of using decimal 1000’s rather than binary (whilst we’re on that subject, the concept of decimal versus binary does annoy me – what with that and overhead, on some of the AMS’s I’ve ... Read More »