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iSCSI Security Part 2

To tie down my iSCSI test environment I’ve implemented IPsec between client and server. This allows me to encrypt either the traffic or headers of my IP stream. I chose ESP (Encapsulating Security Payload) as this gives full confidentiality to my data, rather than Authentication Header (AH) which provides integrity as to the source of the data. Implementation on my ... Read More »

Brocade/McDATA Merge Approved

The Brocade purchase of McDATA has been approved by both shareholders. The expected completion of the merger is 29 January. I’m interested to see the merged product lines and how BrocDATA intends to support both product sets (especially the director class devices). There will be a lot of customers out there looking to see what bridging technology the merged company ... Read More »

#2 – The Problem

In a nutshell, the human race is increasing the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As these are increased, they trap more sunlight, warming the earth, hence the “greenhouse gas” effect. Enough of me explaining, have a look at the climate change section on the Friends Of The Earth website. We are burning fossil fuels and cutting down trees, ... Read More »

#1 – The Reasoning

As a Storage Consultant, I spend a lot of time examining disk subsystems and storage networks. All of these pieces of equipment consume resources, some more than others. Picking “green” products is an important part of the datacentre build process; more equipment is being shoe horned into smaller, more compact footprints. I see two challenges: To seek out, highlight and ... Read More »

A confession

Nigel commented on my slow provisioning post. I have to agree that Device Manager has its faults. I’m doing some work on Device and Tuning Manager in the coming weeks as I’m installing both on VMware guests. So, I should have some performance feedback. The comment highlights how software still has a long way to go. A few (well quite ... Read More »

iSCSI Continued (2)

After my previous post on iSCSI testing I promised some more detail. So my test environment is based on the Netapp Simulator version 7.2.1, which you can download if you’re a Netapp customer – not sure if it’s available to non-customers (it should be as it is a great marketing tool) but I guess if you want to find out ... Read More »