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Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know

Well, it appears from comments on recent blog entries that I’m all of the above!  The post(s) in question are as follows; http://www.thestoragearchitect.com/2010/08/02/netapp-the-inflexibility-of-flexvols/ http://storagebod.typepad.com/storagebods_blog/2010/08/and-bod-makes-three.html http://www.grumpystorage.com/2010/08/notapp-random-thoughts.html http://blog.nigelpoulton.com/netapp-some-good-and-some-errrrr/ I thank those who have made positive comments on my behalf, it is most appreciated.  I find it even more amusing that my style of writing has been described as tabloid.  Perhaps I need ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: The Wide Striping Debate

I’ve read with interest this week the posts on wide striping and the consequent expansion to thin provisioning.  Here are some of the highlights: First there’s Martin Glasborow’s post, which discusses whether wide striping and thin provisioning should be chargeable items.  I’d go a step further than Martin and suggest that thin provisioning (TP) should also be free; after all, ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: New HDS AMS – Do We Need Enterprise Storage?

I’ve just been reading through the press release from HDS on their new AMS enhancements.  Hu Yoshida has blogged about the new features too (it makes a change to hear something different than another discussion on UVM).  There’s now HDP support as well as dense storage trays capable of holding 48 drives in 4U.  With all the new features, is there ... Read More »

2 Days, 2 Bod Posts

For the second time in two days I find myself drawn to comment on a Storagebod related post. The subject today is Tony Asaro’s rant on one of StorageBod’s recent posts denegrating virtualisation. Now let’s get things clear – I like HDS’s implementation of virtualisation. I’ve deployed it, I’d recommend it again, but some of Tony’s comments are way off ... Read More »

The SRM Conundrum

Martin (Storagebod) has an interesting post today. Rather than post a long reply, I’ve chosen to steal his thunder and post specifically on the subject – of SRM tools. Apart from when I worked in the mainframe storage arena, I’ve always struggled with SRM tools. Just for reference, the mainframe was great – SMS did the job, although there were ... Read More »