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Replacing the Virtualisation Component – II

Thanks to Chuck who pointed out to me SVC’s ability to move virtual WWNs between nodes during replacement. At some stage in the future I may get to play with SVC but I haven’t so far, so this feature eluded me. Question: is SVC the *only* block virtualisation appliance to offer this functionality and is it a seamless operation or ... Read More »

IBM’s Storage Announcements

Today IBM made a slew of new product announcements. None of it was a surprise due to lots of pre-announcement leaks and the fact the IBM session in Montpelier was to a certain degree the formal announcement of products already mentioned in standard press releases. I can only describe the new product releases as slow and steady with nothing radical ... Read More »

Incipient Revisited

You will remember that I recently posted a comment about migration costs, specifically with relation to Incipient. My view was (and still is) that the majority of migration costs come from preparatory and remedial work rather than execution of the migration. Well, Incipient asked for the right of reply and I had a call last week with Robert Infantino, their ... Read More »

SAN Virtual Appliances

LeftHand, FalconStor, Arkeia and Datacore all now offer VMware appliance versions of their products. I’m in the process of downloading them now and I’m hoping to install over the next few days and do some testing. I’ve previously mentioned some VM NAS products which I’ve installed but not reported back on. I’ll try to summarise all my findings together. It ... Read More »

Virtualisation Update

Thanks to everyone who commented on the previous post relating to using virtualisation for DR. I’m looking forward to Barry’s more contemporaneous explanation of the way SVC works. I guess I should have said I understand Invista is stateless – but I didn’t – so thank’s to ‘zilla for pointing it out. So here’s another issue. If SVC and USP ... Read More »

Using Virtualisation for DR

It’s good to see virtualisation and the various products being discussed again at length. Here’s an idea I had some time ago for implementing remote replication by using virtualisation. I’d be interested to know whether it is possible (so far no-one from HDS can answer the question on whether USP/UVM can do this, but read on). The virtualisation products make ... Read More »