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Thin Provisioning or Good Practice, which is best? There’s only one way to find out – Fight!

Marc Farley makes some interesting comparisons to storage purchasing decisions in a recent post. For the sake of disclosure, I do go to Costco and buy in bulk – no not 200lbs of chicken wings, but those things that can be divided and/or frozen (like salmon and coffee) – and more crucially things that don’t become cheaper in price over ... Read More »

You Sunk My Battleship!

I spent some time today with the good folks at 3Par, as offered by Marc Farley a few posts ago. It was good to get more of a background on the product and also see what’s happening in the future (although I can’t talk about that!). I think most of their technology is fairly well known (thin provisioning, wide striping ... Read More »

3Par float

3Par finally floated on Friday this week. You can read the official announcement here. 7.5 million shares were released at a target price of $14 (about £7 in real money). In total, there are 60,015,700 shares of common stock now outstanding, valuing the company at a shade over $840 million. This isn’t bad for a company with just over $66m ... Read More »


So the rumours (here and here) are true. Here’s the announcement to prove it. HDS are going to support 750GB SATA II drives in the USP. This is an interesting position HDS are taking as thin provisioning will be able to take use of the enhanced drive capacity making the USP-V even more efficient than the DMX-4 with SATA drives. ... Read More »


I’ve had a quick look over the specifications of the new DMX-4 compared to the DMX-3. There aren’t really a lot of changes. The backend director connectivity has been upped to 4Gb/s and presumably that’s where the 30% throughput improvement comes from (with some Enginuity code changes too I guess). There are a number of references to energy efficiency, however ... Read More »

Improving efficiency

Hu posted an interesting view of storage utilisation here. His view is that virtualisation on the USP would improve on the average 30% utilisation. I have to say that I disagree with this. There are lots of reasons why storage remains unused in the enterprise: inefficient administration by Storage Admins, SAs and DBAs (lost/orphan disks etc) deliberate overallocation by SAs ... Read More »