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Enterprise Computing: Cisco, IBM, Sun & EMC – A Busy Week

It’s certainly been a busy week in the world of enterprise computing. First, Cisco announced their Unified Computing System – blade servers to you and me. UCS integrates blade servers with management functionality and the Unified Fabric.  What’s interesting is that Fibre Channel gets pushed out at this point in favour of either iSCSI or FCoE.  Whilst there’s plenty of ... Read More »

Personal Computing: 2GB Is Enough For Anyone

OK, so the title of this post is a backhanded complement to Mr Gates and his often mis-quoted reference to the amount of memory needed on PCs.  In my instance I’m referring to the amount of storage I use on DropBox. Dropbox free accounts provide up to 2GB of online storage, so naturally, I’ve been using the free account.  Over ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Storage Wastage – A Reclaim Challenge

My previous post on DMX wastage generated a lot of discussion, some of which has diverted into other product lines such as SVC.  Over the last week at Storage Fusion we’ve been working to integrate login history information for DMX, which has shown further reclaim opportunities. So, I’m going to set a challenge, or opportunity, depending on how you view ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Understanding The Cost Of Storage

There was an interesting question posed this afternoon by Ditchboy on ITToolbox.  The gist of the question was why Enterprise storage is so expensive, when 1TB drives are less than £100 a piece.  It’s a good question and something I’m asked quite often.  To us seasoned professionals, the answer may be obvious; here’s the response I posted: If you go ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Flash – What We Really Need

Storagebod had a great comment on the use of Flash Drives in Enterprise arrays.  I’d agree entirely that the vendors have bolted them into existing hardware and as a consequence they’re not working to their most efficient.   Here’s a prediction – an array which works on fixed “memory”pages that can be placed in cache, SSD, or any level of ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Storage Reclamation

Dave Merrill has an interesting new post on his HDS blog.  He’s discussing reclamation options for recovering wastage and avoiding spending. He divides storage up into four categories: Old or Worthless Data Duplicate Data Usable but unallocated to hosts Allocated by unused Fortunately for Dave, the answers to these storage wastage issues nicely point to HDS products/services: Old or Worthless ... Read More »